White Papers

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Food & Beverages

NetSuite for Food & Beverage Distributors

This solution brief overviews NetSuite features and functions specific to food and beverage distributors. Download to learn more about the NetSuite advantage and why more and more businesses in the food and beverage space are turning to NetSuite as the solution of choice

Software Companies

Ebook: NetSuite for the Software Industry

This comprehensive eBook provides an overview of NetSuite’s offering for software and SaaS/cloud companies, including customer videos, product demos, key benefits and an overview on how NetSuite helps technology companies successfully scale from start-up, to mid-market, and ultimately to life as a public company.


Localizing Your Supply Chain

The coronavirus crisis has exposed the lack of visibility many businesses had into offshore suppliers and manufacturers, which has led many organizations to consider moving pieces of their supply chain to local regions. This paper will cover the benefits of localizing a supply chain—in this case, to North America—major costs to consider, potential barriers to relocation and the steps a business should take if it decides to onshore


Is It Finally Time to Purchase a New ERP for Manufacturing?

While many see a new cloud-based solution in their future, often day-to-day pressures and distractions cause purchase plans to be delayed. Many small manufacturers are still “making do” with something less than a full ERP solution, and even more mid-size to large enterprises are being crippled by old solutions based on outdated technology. Today, as the pace of change and disruption accelerates, those old ERP systems create barriers to achieving any kind of competitive advantage, or worse, put you at a competitive disadvantage.

Wholesale Distribution

How to Pick an Inventory Management Solution That Positions Your Business for Success

With the right inventory management solution in place, businesses can flex and adapt quickly regardless of market conditions, challenges or changing business model. This white paper explores how technology helps businesses solve their biggest pain points and shows how to pick an inventory management solution that will position you for success.

Financial services

Digital Transformation: Why Financial Services Companies Are Adopting A Suite Approach to Software

In the face of fierce competition, regulatory reform and evolving customer needs, financial services firms are under increased pressure to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape and improve visibility and compliance while controlling costs. Download this white paper to learn why a suite approach to software has become a key strategic initiative for staying ahead of the curve as the pace of change accelerates.