About Us

iDynamics was founded in 1999 by Lee Eng Yau. Being in the market for more than 20 years, we aspire to be the top ranked Business Software Provider in Malaysia.

Our Skills


We are the pioneers of business software solution

iDynamics is an award winning organization having implemented business software solutions for over 3,000 organizations throughout Malaysia.

  • Services – 95%
  • Support – 80%
  • Training – 75%




Lee Eng Yau

Lee Eng Yau

Managing Director


Mr Lee Eng Yau is an accomplished graduate from University of Hertfordshire, England (1999). In October 2017, he was recognized by the Beijing University as an accomplished Chinese-ethnic Young Entrepreneur. After his graduation in England, he pursued a career for nine (9) months in a small enterprise before starting up his own company named iDynamics. Since its foundation, iDynamics is a company for software & training services. With three (3) years of hard work, his company grew successful and began offering software service (ERP). The company that modestly began as a three-person team, is now an organization of 35 devoted employees. Mr Lee hopes that iDynamics will continue to provide the best services for their client

“My Motto is, do what your competitors can’t do.” Lee Eng Yau


Our Vision

To Be The #1 Business Software Provider In Malaysia


    • Service Quality: To provide all our clients a high level of service, ensuring all queries are attended with promptness & attentiveness 
    • Knowledge Driven: Continously learning and evolving, ensuring we provide the best solutions available in our product offerings and support
    • Strong Partnerships: Dedicated to forming long lasting partnerships with principles and clients, ensuring mutual benefits for everyone connected to iDynamics.